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Asp.net Course Training

ASP.NET Core is an open source web framework for building modern web applications, that can be developed and run on Windows, Linux and the Mac. It includes the MVC framework, which now combines the features of MVC and Web API into a single web programming framework. ASP.NET Core is built on the .NET Core run-time, but it can also be run on the full .NET Framework for maximum compatibility.

With Microsoft ASP.NET core, ANGLER makes various architectural changes that makes the open source framework to look much leaner and simpler without .dll. The outlook will be ASP.NET web application or software that is very familiar with and more applicable for modern web development.

Course Detail

Course Name Asp.Net
Duration 45 Days-60 Days,6 months
Timing 09:00-07:00 PM
Topic Asp.net ,Asp.net Core ,MVC
Syllabus Download

Future of Course

  • Built & run on cross-platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Single aligned web stack for Web UI and Web APIs
  • Tag Helpers which makes Razor markup more natural with HTML
  • Simplified tools to enhance modern web development