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Mr. C.K.Sinha
(Chairman Cum MD)


Dear Friends (Students) Oh o don’t think, Because students are just like friends. We work as a team with our passion. We can’t provide knowledge, we are share the knowledge. Its not important that your Institution is good, your course is good but there is most important thing how to make good relation with your faculty members. Because this the important key factor of your whole professional life. If any problem arises in the study or class immediately share with your faculty. That’s why he will guide you properly and to know your sincerity about your study in his lectures. If you have any Project then discuss with your faculty members that how can handle the Project. If your Project or assignments are good quality, then you are able to get better grade, every time you perform. One thing you understand there are two types of man, Talented or not Talented. If you are talented then maintain it regularly. If not then you are very lucky you have to chance to get more knowledge and achievements. We are very careful on each students and our faculty member are very helpful for yours success life. Subject by subject we guide you. That’s why this is the “Best Progressing Institute of India.” Kalams Institute is working with a mission. Our mission is to provide a best IT education, standard and best attitude. Which help to our student’s best career in the IT Industry. To train all student who can spread the light of Hardworking and knowledge to all over the world. Kit India is only institute who provide totally free courses, education, book and course material to financially week and needy students.

M.V Sinha

Kalams Instititue of Technology is working from since 2008 to fulfill Mission 2020 by the Legend Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. As you know that before some time we lost our Great Indian Icon who has dream for develop India. He give us a dream, Dream to do somthing different, Dream to make develop India, Dream to live for others. He teach us to get more and more knowledge, a simple living and high thinking . He has a Mission and Vision 2020 to make develop India for us. We are following Vision 2020 by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He had a dream to develop country and He gave us this dream to do somthing and different for our country. We apealed to youth come and let's put a step ahed for change and development of India.