Industrial Training in Asp.Net

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PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor. It is open to source that means that is available for free on the Internet. It is completely a programming language and is used for server side scripting and for developing desktop applications.

Industrial Training Syllabus for Asp.Net

Windows Application
1. Introduction of .NET Framework, Advantages of .Net Framework, Installation, Components of .NET Framework(CLR,JIT,CTS),Difference B/W Visual studio 2005,2008 and 2010, Data type & Operators with examples.
2. Loops, Control Statements, Operators, Data Types, Oops concepts.
3. Contr ols: - Label, Button, Textbox, Radio button, Checkbox, Rich textbox, Dialog box, Timer Control, Picture Box, Scroll Bars, Track Bars.
4. List box, Combo Box, Main Menu, Context Menu, ToolTip, Dropdown list, Tab Control Panel etc.
5. Introduction to Inheritance & Interfaces.
6. ADO.NET connectivity: - Adapter, Connection, Dataset.
7. Data Reports
8. Practical Lab Assignment, Discussion and Queries, Seminar

Web Application
1. Understanding Client - Server, Prerequisites, Importance of IIS, Difference between Window - Form an d Web Form, Creating Virtual Directory.
2. Creating Your First Web - Application, Files in Web - Application, Page Directives, Understanding Code - Behind.
3. Introduction to Controls: - HTML Controls, Server Controls, Validation Controls, Users Controls.
4. Valid ation Controls, Users Controls With examples.
5. Server Controls : - Form View, Detail View, Grid View, Data List, and Repeater .
6. Introduction to State Management. - Cookies, Query String
7. State Management. - Application Variables, Session Variables.
8. Security : - Introduction to Form Authentication.
9. Windows Authentication, Passport Authentication
10. CSS, JavaScript, Master Pages and Page Navigations.
11. Related .NET Techniques: Internationalization - Case study - Deploying n - tier applicati ons, E - Governance applications.
1 2 . Practical Lab Assignment, Discussion and Queries, Seminar

MS SQL Server
1. Introduction to SQL Server,
2. Creating Database, Creating Tables, Relations.
3. Manipulating data in SQL.
4. Store Procedure, Trigger, Cursor
5. Practical Lab Assignment, Discussion and Queries, Seminar

Industrial Project 1. Front End: .NET
2. Back End: MS SQL Server

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