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Basic Diploma Detail in Hardware & Networking Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking that educates the participants with hardware parts of the computer and networking system. The course is offered for time duration of 1 year. Apart from providing knowledge on peripherals parts of the computer, the course study helps the candidates to gain knowledge on the framework of different layers of computer communication. The course also covers details regarding architecture and topology of different networks used in computers. Important aspects of networking such as IP addressing, subnet masking, router switching, etc are also covered under the academic curriculum. Upon completion of the course the candidate gains adequate skills in troubleshooting and in networking.

Job and Career after Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking Course
Those with high technical knowledge in Computer Hardware can find lot of career opportunities in firms involved in manufacturing computers and assembling components. These professionals can get involved with the installation of computer system, its service and maintenance. They can also get involved in the marketing section of computers and in research and development. Firms dealing with Network Administration and Security are also in demand of skilled hardware and networking professionals. The main job profiles of candidates who have completed diploma in computer hardware and networking are mentioned here.