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What is Embedded Systems?

Embedded systems are involved in almost every state of modern life. All modern luxury equipments like Spacecraft, Video Games, Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones, GPS Devices, Cars, Bi kes, Televisions , Answering Mac hines, Microwave Ovens, are some of the examples of Embedded Systems.
a) Today’s cars may contain many embedded microprocessors, controlling such tasks as antilock braking, climate control, engine control, audio system contro l, airbag deployment etc.
b ) Even PCs, which are designed around powerful CPUs such as the Intel Pentium 4 (Four) , contain embedded systems, hard disk drives, CD - RW and DVD - ROM drives, and external Peripherals such as, and other SCSI, USB, or printers, sca nners devices all contain embedded processors.
c ) The vast number of applications for embedded computing has given rise to high demand for engineers with experience in designing and implementing embedded systems.

Microcontroller and micro processor Architecture ·Assembly language Programming (with some exercises) ·Micro controlle r peripherals Analog Design Digital Design Compilers, Assemblers Cross compilers

1) Understanding Embedded Systems (1 week)
a. Overview of Processors & Microcontrollers
c. I/O Interface

2) ATMEL 8051 AVR , PIC, ARM Microcontroller (4 week each)
a. Architecture b . RISC Architecture of AVR , PIC, ARM family. c . Addressing modes d . Instruction Set e . Assembly Programming f . P rogramming Exercises

8051, AVR, PIC, ARM Microcontroller Interfacings with
DC Motor
Stepper Motor
Temperature Sensor
Serial Communication
Seven segment display

PCB Designing (4 week each)
History of PCB/ Types of PCB/Base Material
Overview of PCB Technologies UK
Video V1
Overview of Manual Routing Technologies, CAD System as a substitute of Manual Routing, How to judge CAD System
Design Rules IPC Standard 2221
Design Factors
UK Video V2 BGA, IPC Video VT18 Component Identification Manual IPC1 Considerations of Design Laminates/Thermal Management
Reliability Tooling Holes/Stiffeners (IPC Lessons)
IPC Video VT33 & VT 47
(Introduction to Sur face Mount Assembly & Wave Soldering)
IPC Video VT20 & 21 (Reflow Soldering)
Entry of Schematic Diagram / Net list File Creation
Practical of Schematic Diagram/ Net list File Creation
Layout Rules & Parameters/Library & Its Components
Practical of Layout & Component Formation
Practical Component Placement, Layout Checklist (general/electrical/physical)
Cross Probing, Conductor routing/ Mid Term Interaction
Practical Checking routing
Post Processing, Art work generation
7) Major project using any of the a bove technologies (Remaining day s)

Scope Embedded System

Many students are not aware of the lucrative opportunities available in the field of Embedded Systems. Most graduates go after the popular “IT” industry to seek a good career. I think there are 2 reasons for this 1)lack of awareness 2) entry barrier. While studying most students may come across the name “Embedded Systems”. Apart from that they may not be aware of -“what is an embedded system”, how do they work, what knowledge and skills should be acquired to build a great career in the field of embedded systems, which companies are working in this field etc etc. If it is in the case of computer science – the industry is readily known – the lucrative IT industry. The leading companies are Microsoft,Google,Adobe (product based) and there are many smaller and medium ones. There are service based IT firms like Wipro, Infosys, Accenture,Cognizant etc. Knowledge and skills required is mainly about programming languages and technologies – like Java,, C & C++, Python, Php etc etc.. the list goes on. Entry barrier to the IT industry is very low. Any fresher with a basic skill and knowledge can get a job in this IT industry and that too with a decent entry level salary (well, that’s not the case always!!)

Eligibility: 10+2, Under Graduates/ Graduates of any discipline Job / Career Options:     Hardware Engineer               PC Support Executive
                                            Tech. Support Executive            Desktop Technician
                                                 Helpdesk Executive               Desktop Support Engineer
                                              Networking Engineer               Network Administrator