6 Months Industrial Training Program

Kalams Institute of Technology provides six months industrial training for all those students who’s interested in learning software languages and methodology where we prepare the students with the real time problem solving skills including the debugging techniques.
Kalams Institute of Technology try to develop a complete talented engineers and Professionals not only by teaching the technical competences but also other subjects such as communication skills, English spoken, personality development, practice on hands and industrial management.
The institute is being run by professionals. The courses being provided by our venture not only enables the student to convert completely into a techie but also makes them aware of the latest market trends and techniques. The purpose of the training is to meet the requirements of the students concerning their comfort level and ability. The training is open for the students of MCA, B.tech, Msc(IT), BE and so on. During this six months of industrial training, we aim to provide the students with best learning methods where the students will work on live projects. Kalams Institute of Technology provide six months industrial training in the following technologies:
.NET , Java , PHP, MySql, Joomla , WordPress

6 Months Industrial Training in PHP

Our mission is to provide a best IT education, standard and best attitude. Which help to our student’s best career in the IT Industry. To train all student who can spread the light of Hardworking and knowledge to all over the world.
PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor. It is open to source that means that is available for free on the Internet. It is completely a programming language and is used for server side scripting and for developing desktop applications.


Live Projects


> Provide 100% practical training in open source technology.
> PHP-MySQL Course with Basic, Intermediate, and Advance format.
> Specialized faculty in PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Javascript, HTML and CSS having more than 3-years of practical and industry knowledge.

6 Month Industrial Training in JAVA

Java language is used to build up Desktop Applications, Web Applications, and Mobile Applications and is one of the most emerging language.


Introduction to Java
Java Language Fundamentals
Desktop Applications using Java
Web Applications using Java
Live Project


> Provides exposure to real time projects and latest technologies
> Provides enhanced knowledge of integrated development environments
> Work under specialized Java faculty and having great practical and industry knowledge.

Industrial Training in .Net

The Microsoft .NET Framework is a platform for building, deploying and running web services applications.


> Core .Net concepts
> Advanced .Net concepts
> Desktop Application
> .Net for Web Applications
> Live Project


> 100% Placement Assistance
> Live Application Environment
> Skilled candidates will get opportunity to work with ours .NET Development team.
Thus, the objective of our 6 Weeks / Months Industrial Training program is to provide IT graduates with practical exposure to JAVA, PHP and .Net. The contents of the courses have been included keeping in mind the current industry requirements which will uplift the career of the student in the right direction and to succeed with immense confidence.

Industrial Training in SEO Services

Kalams Institute of Technology providing quality SEO services around the World. Our SEO team is highly experienced, talented, hardworking and Expert. We use latest techniques to rank the keyword’s in Google.
In SEO Industrial Training we tell you how to increase traffic on website and how to allow more and more visitor for website.


> Facebook
> Yahoo
> Twitter
> Linkedin
> Google Adword

Scholarships for All

With the help of Sinha Foundation Kit India provide scholarships to all students. Kit India is only institute who provide totally free courses, education, book and course material to financially week and needy students under Unnanti Project.

Awareness Camp

Kit India organize free awareness camp in villages and guide the people about technical knowledge, their career and their rights. our motto is to educate the women more and more.

Kit Indians

Kit India has a great team. All faculty members are younger, sharp smart and allrounder.


Kit India provide 100% knowledge.
Kit India provide Scholarship to all.
Kit India provide quality Education.
Kit India focus hand on practice.
Kit India provide 101% Job Guarantee on the stamp paper.
Our 7 students out of 10 are placed in MNCs.
Kit India work as a team with our passion.
Flaxible timing which suit your schedule.
Kit India have expert faculty which guide you always.
Kit India can’t provide Knowledge, we are share the Knowledge.
Our Expert Faculty is more talented which help you to handle any project with ease.

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